All You Need To Know About Cat Litter!

All You Need To Know About Cat Litter!

There may not be a more beautiful animal roaming the earth. Cats are four-legged hygiene lovers, so their litter boxes and boxes must always be in perfect condition.

Before we get into details about litter boxes and litter box care, let's learn what cat litter is and how to choose the best litter for your feline.

What is cat litter?

Cat litter dates back to the early twentieth century when individuals used ash, sand, clay, and mud to absorb their cat's urine. 

Each cat litter had varying degrees of success based on odor, non-clumping, and adhesion. 1940, Edward Lowe discovered that granular clay could trap odors while absorbing moisture.

He filled a 5-pound bag with granular clay and called it "cat litter."

And that was the beginning of what is now commonly used in every cat household. A few years later, Thomas Nelson found that bentonite clay was cheaper and more effective than granular clay.

Unlike fine clay, it hardens when wet, leaving the rest of the sand dry. This "setting" cat litter quickly replaced expensive coarse clay.

Currently, manufactured cat litter contains silica as a main ingredient, with silica added to aid in odor absorption and moisture binding.

Some brands use carbon, baking soda, cedar, pine, jasmine, and vanilla to mask odors without harming cats' sensitive smell.

What is cat litter used for?

Cats in the wild instinctively bury their urine and feces. Cat litter is based on the same idea. Cats can dig up and bury their urine and feces in one place, making it easier for humans to remove and dispose of their waste.

Back then, clay cat litter was the only option. This allowed the cat to practice burying its waste naturally and made it easier for parents to scoop up and dispose of it. Today, cat litter is not only characterized by its quick absorption. 

Odor control, low dust, clumping/non-clumping, odor, and material are increasingly considered when purchasing cat litter.

What is cat litter made from?

Cat litter is available in various materials and is being increasingly experimented with. However, the five most common brands of cat litter are Kitty Friend, Catsan Cat Litter, Sanicat Cat Litter, Breeder Celect Cat Litter, and Thomas Cat Litter.

Kitty Friend Cat Litter

Find the ultimate cat comfort with Kitty Friend cat litter. This premium cat litter is expertly crafted to ensure superior odor control and easy clumping, ensuring hassle-free cleanup.

Kitty Friend Classic 30L - Cat Litter

Made with high-quality natural ingredients, it creates a cozy retreat for your cat while providing a fresh environment. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and go to a happier, healthier cat.

For a cat litter that's clean and comfortable enough to purr, trust Kitty Friend cat litter. Order now and turn your bathroom routine into a delicious daily ritual.

Catsan Cat Litter

With a triple odor control system and clump-resistant bedding, this pick is perfect for fighting off odors and maintaining daily hygiene.

As an odor-controlling catsan cat litter, it quickly absorbs liquid, binds moisture within the particles, and, most importantly, eliminates odors before they develop and leave a lasting (and unpleasant) impression.

Catsan Hygiene 20L

Your litter box will remain visually and hygienically clean with its 100% natural, unscented white litter.

Sanicat Cat Litter

Prioritizing freshness, extra absorption, and affordability, this pick helps you regularly maintain the cleanliness of your cat litter tray.

Natural agglomerated clays and minerals keep the sand dry and dust-free. Also, the compact clumps that form quickly when wet are easy to scoop out, keeping the sand clean for a long time, and easy to remove when needed.

Sanicat Beauticat Wood Cat Litter 30L

It's also scented with baby powder, which provides a refreshing smell while neutralizing unpleasant odors.

Breeder Celect cat litter

Breeder Celect Cat Litter is one of the best cat litter today.

Breeder Celect Paper cat litter is produced from over 99% recycled paper. It is also available as compressed cylindrical pellets, making it easy to use.

Breeder Celect 10L Recycled Paper Pellet - Cat Litter

Breeder Celect Cat Litter stands out from the crowd due to its superior composition, materials, and environmental friendliness.

This cat litter is highly absorbent, safe, and easy to use. Interestingly, it can be used in all types of toilets. It delivers excellent results like the top cat litter on the market, such as BestPets.

Thomas Cat Litter

Boost your cat's litter box experience with the Thomas Cat Litter, a symbol of cleanliness and comfort. This premium formula ensures maximum odor control and quick clumping, making daily care easy.

Made with highly absorbent technology, Thomas cat litter keeps your home fresh and your kitty happy. Made with high-quality natural ingredients, it is paw-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Thomas Cat Litter 16L - Cat Litter

Choose Thomas for a premium cat litter solution that enhances your cat's health and peace of mind. Get a cleaner, happier home that combines luxury and functionality with Thomas Cat Litter.

Order now and change your cat's toilet habits.

How does cat litter work?

Cat litter hardens when it gets wet. This type of bedding is made of bentonite, has a moisture content of 5%, and has enough internal space to accommodate a suitable body weight.

When ammonia (NH3) evaporates in urine, it combines with the charged hydrogen atoms in litter to form ammonium ions (NH4). These ions are complex to evaporate, so they stick to the surface of the clay, making it easier to scoop.

Is cat litter harmful to humans?

Many cat litter contains quartz dust, which often causes upper respiratory problems in cats and people with compromised immune systems. If you live with someone with a weakened immune system, looking for natural, unscented cat litter is best.

We hope you enjoy learning about cat litter. Get started by choosing the best litter for your cat!

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