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Arden Grange

Arden Grange Adult Sensitive White Fish & Potato 6kg

Arden Grange Adult Sensitive White Fish & Potato 6kg

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Arden Grange Sensitive Adult - Grain Free White Fish and Potatoes is the perfect premium pet food for adult dogs, especially those with sensitive skin and digestive systems. This gentle recipe avoids grains and cereals and includes fresh white fish as an easy-to-digest protein source naturally rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids.


  • Contains natural prebiotics for optimal digestion.

  • Hypoallergenic dog food for canines with allergies.

  • Yucca, a natural deodoriser, is included for less stinky poop.

  • Contains antioxidant and essential minerals to strengthen the immunity system.

  • Contains essential fatty acids that help in maintaining healthy skin and coat. 

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