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Bakers Complete Puppy with Chicken & Vegetables 2.85Kg

Bakers Complete Puppy with Chicken & Vegetables 2.85Kg

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Bakers Complete Puppy with Chicken & Vegetables is a delicious and nourishing food for puppies. Our puppy meals are carefully formulated to give your pup the healthiest start in life, with every single mineral and vitamin necessary for enhancing vitality, optimal development, and strong immunity. 

  • Immunity Development: Added minerals and vitamins that help in ensuring the maintenance of an optimum immune system;
  • Coat and Skin: With omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish oil to maintain healthy shiny skin and coat;
  • Healthy Growth: Contains protein, Vitamin D, and minerals to aid in the development of muscles as well as strong bones and teeth;
  • Optimal Digestion: Prebiotics are included to the recipe to promote good digestion;

Suitable for puppies up to the age of 12 months.

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