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Arden Grange

Arden Grange Sensitive Senior Light 12kg Dog Food

Arden Grange Sensitive Senior Light 12kg Dog Food

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Support your dog in his later years with Arden Grange Sensitive Senior/Light–Grain–Free White Fish and Potatoes. This is the perfect super-premium pet food for senior or overweight dogs whose skin and digestion are susceptible. This gentle recipe avoids grains and cereals and includes white fish, naturally rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids. This formula is lower in calories and benefits from significantly more joint supplements than our adult maintenance foods, helping your dog stay mobile well into old age. 


  • Contains natural prebiotics for optimal digestion.
  • Hypoallergenic dog food for canines with allergies.
  • Yucca, a natural deodoriser, is included for less stinky poop.
  • Contains antioxidant and essential minerals to strengthen the immunity system.
  • Contains Zinc and Omega-6 fatty acids that help in maintaining healthy skin and coat. 
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