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Misfits 12x170g Wonky Chomp with Liver - Dog Treat

Misfits 12x170g Wonky Chomp with Liver - Dog Treat

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MISFITS Wonky Chomp Medium Dog Treats 2 Stick

We love our dogs because they're one-in-a-million, legendary characters! We know they're too busy chasing squirrels or snaffling socks to worry about the perfectly shaped treat, so neither do we. MISFITS - treats full of character for dogs full of character!

Wonky chomps provide 2 chews with lip smacking liver and they are bound to be a winner with your customers.

Complementary pet food for adult dogs.

We've said no to artificial colours and flavours and sent them to the naughty basket!

Dogs go mad for MISFITS, so give them a treat. Make sure your dog as a bowl of fresh water nearby.

Store your MISFITS in a cool, dry (and safe!) place. Use within 14 days of opening.

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