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Strikeback Flea Killing Spray 1L - Triple Action

Strikeback Flea Killing Spray 1L - Triple Action

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Strikeback Triple Action flea spray includes multiple functions to address different aspects of flea infestation:

  1. Killing Adult Fleas: One component of the spray could be aimed at killing adult fleas on contact. This helps reduce the adult flea population in your home.

  2. Inhibiting Egg Development: Flea sprays may contain ingredients that prevent flea eggs from developing into larvae. This disrupts the life cycle of fleas, helping to prevent re-infestation.

  3. Eliminating Larvae and Pupae: Another component might target flea larvae and pupae (cocoons), which are usually found in carpet fibers and other hidden places. Treating these areas can help reduce the overall flea population.

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