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Cat 'N' Scratch

Cat 'N' Scratch 38X38X59cm - Totem Cat Scratching Post

Cat 'N' Scratch 38X38X59cm - Totem Cat Scratching Post

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Cat 'N' Scratch" totem cat scratching post with dimensions of 38x38x59cm. A totem cat scratching post combines a scratching surface with an elevated perch, providing cats with both a place to scratch and a place to perch or rest.

The dimensions you provided (38x38x59cm) represent the width, depth, and height of the scratching post. This type of scratching post typically consists of a vertical structure with a textured surface that cats can scratch, which helps them maintain healthy nails and satisfy their natural scratching instincts. The elevated perch on top gives them a vantage point and a comfortable spot to observe their surroundings.

Cat scratching posts are great additions to any cat-friendly household, as they can help prevent cats from scratching furniture or other unwanted areas. The texture of the scratching surface, often made from sisal or other durable materials, provides an inviting place for cats to scratch. Visit More

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