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Moderna 50cm - Cat Litter Trays

Moderna 50cm - Cat Litter Trays

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If you are looking for something simple and easy, we have the Arist-o-tray! Our original smooth-edged litter tray with its round edges is easy to use for you and your feline. Perfectly stackable for in-store use and ideal for your home decor. This product comes in different sizes and colors so there's sure to be one to suit your pet. The tray also comes with a removable rim for easy cleaning and to keep the liner in place. Our Arist-o-tray is BPA-free, non-toxic and made with 100% recyclable premium plastics. Only round edges, making the product totally non stick Available in different sizes for every breed Easy to clean with warm soapy water


Premium quality plastic for long lasting use Design avoids litter from scattering

Functionality keeps surrounding area clean.

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