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Purina One Bifensis Adult With Chicken 800g

Purina One Bifensis Adult With Chicken 800g

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Purina ONE Adult is formulated to meet the complete nutritional needs of adult cats (1-7 years old), requiring a full, balanced diet to maintain optimal health. ACTILEA is PURINA ONE's exclusive nutritional formula designed to strengthen your cat's natural defenses and provide a range of positive effects that support your cat's health. So you can feel good about how well she looks and know she's good on the inside, too. Purina ONE with ACILEA supports a healthy immune system in your cat today and tomorrow.

This dry cat food contains crunchy, delectable kibbles perfect for your feline's tiny mouth. 

  • Contains protein, Vitamin D, and calcium to aid in the development of muscles, strong bones and teeth.
  • Contains antioxidant and essential minerals to strengthen the immunity system.
  • Contains essential fatty acids that help in maintaining healthy skin and coat. 
  • Contains prebiotics to promote optimal digestion.
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