Collection: DOG

Mr. Buddy Pet Shop deals In a variety of dog food (i.e., dry dog food, wet dog food, dog treats, and puppy food), and dog supplies (i.e., dog harnesses, leads, muzzles, collars, id tags, and dog toys). Moreover, we also have a range of dog care and treatment products at lowest prices (i.e., dog flea & tick treatment, dog calming tablets, dog joint care tablets, dewormer for dogs, and other supplements). Also you can buy essentials for dog travel sucha as dog carriers, car seat covers, dog car seat boosters, and seat belts). For dog comfortability we offer a variety of dog beds in different sizes & colours (i.e., dog soft beds, nonchewable beds, heating pads, cooling mats, orthopaedic dog beds, dog mattresses and dog blankets). For dog safety, shop high quality stainless steel dog crates.