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Catsan Hygiene Non Clumping 10L Cat Litter

Catsan Hygiene Non Clumping 10L Cat Litter

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Catsan 10L Hygiene Non Clumping is a type of cat litter that is designed to provide a hygienic and odor-control solution for your cat's litter box. Unlike clumping cat litter, this particular product does not form tight clumps when it comes into contact with urine or feces.

Here are some key features of Catsan 10L Hygiene Non Clumping cat litter:

  1. Hygienic: Catsan litter is made from natural quartz sand and lime. It effectively absorbs moisture and helps control odors, keeping the litter box clean and fresh.

  2. Non-Clumping: This litter does not form clumps when wet, which means you won't have to scoop out clumps of urine or feces. Instead, you can remove the solid waste using a scoop or sieve, while the remaining litter can be replaced as needed.

  3. Dust-Free: Catsan Hygiene Non Clumping litter is designed to be low in dust, making it a suitable choice for cats and owners who are sensitive to airborne particles.

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